Property market changes and technology have had an impact on this. Time has proven that even the most experienced of house movers sometimes need a personal helping hand when selling their properties…and of course finding a new place to call home.
My advice to clients through the service I offer is simple. First take a look at the five ‘Ps’ for home styling when selling.

Pavement to Porch – anyone interested in a property is likely to drive past and make a judgement on what they see. There is no data to confirm just how many people drive past; it is therefore key to ensure the boundary is in good order, the path is clear and free from weeds, the outside light works and there is space to stand at the door.

Presentation – all of us are unique and we style our homes to suit our personality; however, this does not mean it suits one and all. Presenting your home to appeal to a wider audience will help attract more viewings and offers.

Photographs – your agent will employ a professional photographer to take the best photos to promote your home and detail the care that you have put into the property. This ‘energy’ is reflected in the pictures when you are showing to purchasers that your home is a great place to be.

Price – your agent will value your home based on the available market conditions, comparisons and other information; however, get the marketing right at the outset. The price can change, but the ‘energy’ can’t. Don’t change the price, add to the value with the energy you put into your home.

Purchaser – If your home is priced correctly and with the best agent, you will receive quality viewings, with applicants who have been qualified and match as best they can to your home. You only need one!

Through my 30+ years of experience in property sales and purchase, I prefer to shift the energy, not the price and, as part of my Surrey based service, I provide impartial observations and suggestions to make small, affordable changes to the property to broaden the appeal to a wider audience. This creates an opportunity for the homeowner to achieve the best price. As we all know, first impressions count and none more so than when selling a home.

Home Finding

Anyone can buy a property. However, the reality is that people are very busy with life, both work and socially. When does anyone have time to filter the property descriptions in depth and make considered opinions on which to view? The answer of course is possibly sneakily at work, during a lunch break, after work until late in the evening and at the weekends…possibly time you would prefer to spend doing other things.
This is something I come across regularly, and many find it useful to have someone engaged to carry out location and property research during the day, previewing suitable properties for buyers to then accompany them on a suitable scheduled viewing day.